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Menu  Hotel Restaurant Witte 


Half a dozen vineyard snails baked with hazelnut-herb butter, served with white bread

7,50 €

Grated pancakes with smoked salmon and chive sour cream, topped with fresh salads

8,50 €


Münsterland cream of potato soup with croutons

4,50 €

Beef soup with vegetable strips and beef

5,50 €

Main courses

of pork, veal, beef and lamb:

Pork loin steak "Strindberg" in an onion-mustard crust, bacon fritters and roasted potatoes

12,50 €

Pork medallions with herb mushrooms in chive cream, surrounded with vegetables, served with croquettes

17,50 €

Veal escalope "Engadin style" stuffed with raw ham and Swiss cheese, fried in egg shell, served with braised herb mushrooms, on green noodles with salad in cream-yoghurt dressing

17,50 €

Zurich veal cutlet in mushroom cream, hash browns and mixed salad in cream-yoghurt dressing

17,50 €

Beef fillet tips "Stroganoff" with mushrooms and cucumber strips in vodka cream, served with rice and lettuce in cream-yoghurt dressing

21,50 €

Lamb filet "Provencale" with bean bundles and gratin

24,00 €


Beef in onion sauce, boiled potatoes and lettuce in cream

13,50 €

Pork aspic with roasted potatoes, pickled vegetables and remoulade sauce

9,00 €

Sliced ham with mare

8,00 €

... with fried egg

8,60 €

Dishes for the small appetite 

Salad plate in walnut dressing, with roasted poulard breast (free of antibiotics and halal), and roasted walnuts with mushrooms, baguette and butter

9,50 €

Vegetable fritters and chive curd, topped with fresh salads

8,00 €

Steaks from the grill

All steaks are served with herb butter, salad and side dish for satiety.

Side dish selection: Croquettes, French fries, wedges potatoes, roasted potatoes, hash browns, rice, baked potato with chive curd.

Dressing selection: Cream yogurt, vinegar oil and Thousand Island dressing

Pork loin steak 200g

11,00 €

Veal steak 200g

18,50 €

Rump steak 200g

23,50 €

Beef fillet steak 200g

27,50 €

The sauces to the choice: we calculate with each pepper sauce with mushrooms, sauce Bearnaise or Café de Paris

2,00 €


Grilled salmon fillet (cold slaughter) with leaf spinach and boiled potatoes

19,50 €

Pike perch fillet fried with onion-tomato-herb crust, served with braised potatoes and salads

18,50 €

Fried king prawns (free of antibiotics), topped with salad, served with aioli and toasted baguette

30,00 €


Mixed ice cream with cream

4,00 €

Vanilla ice cream with hot cherries, cherry brandy and whipped cream

5,00 €

"Cup Danmark"
Vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and hot chocolate sauce

5,00 €

"Witte Cup"
Vanilla ice cream with cream, brittle and egg liqueur

5,00 €

Fresh fruit salad with maraschino, ice cream and whipped cream

8,00 €

Wildflower honey parfait with poppy seeds

6,00 €

Chocolate mousse and cherry sorbet

7,50 €

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